Monday, August 24, 2009

Frank Zappa - Harmonica Fun - Mystery CD
Bad Boy Brown - Soul Clap - Soul Clap: Single
Zapp - Doo Wah Ditty (Blow That Thing) - Zapp & Roger: All The Greatest Hits
Nifty - B-Harp - Nifty Beats
Hyper Harp - Fan One - TBA

Langhorne Slim - My Future - Electric Love Letter
Chuck Ragan - For Broken Ears - Feast Or Famine
Pink Mountaintops - Holiday - Outside Love

The Old Believers - No More - Eight Golden Greats
Tony Dekker from Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages - Tiny Desk Concert (podcast)

Souvenir's Young America - Mars Ascendent - An Ocean Without Water
Magic, Beautiful - Wings In The Sky - Right Rock

Toots Thielemans - Big Bossa - Jazz Masters 59_Toots Thielemans
Brendan Power - The Jolly Beggarman/Crowley's Reel - New Irish Harmonica
Toots Thielemans - In Walked Bud - East Coast West Coast
Jean-Jacques Milteau - Poppa Willie - Memphis

The Thrills - Hollywood Kids - So Much For The City
The Low Anthem - To The Ghosts Who Write History Books - Oh My God Charlie Darwin
Royal City - In The Autumn - 1999-2004

Carlos Del Junco - Don't Bring Me Down - Blues Mongrel
James Cotton - Something To Remember You By - Fire Down Under The Hill
Lynwood Slim - Not Your Clown - Last Call

George Smith - Going Down Slow
Howlin' Wolf - Sitting On Top Of The World - His Best: Chess 50th Anniversary Collection\
Fred McDowell and Johnny Woods - Whats Going To Become Of Me - Mama Says I'm Crazy
Junior Wells - Scratch My Back - Live At Theresa's
Rick Estrin And The Night Cats - Cool Breeze - Twisted

Rod Piazza - Rocking Daddy - Vintage Live 1975
Mitch Kashmar - Who - Nickels And Dimes

Junior Wells - Million Years Blues - Come On In This House
The James Harman Band - Cold Tile Floor - Black And White

If you missed today's show..shame shame shame. We had such great music today!! Kicking off with Frank Zappa canoodling with a kazoo and harmonica then blasting straight into hip-hop and R&B tunes with more of techno/disco-ish rhythm...and filled with harmonica riffs! If you weren't able to hear the first half of the show, I highly recommend checking out the music yourself. We heard some awesome indie-folk and indie-western stuff with sloppy sporadic harmonica jams as well as some beautiful jazz harmonica from Toots, Brendan Power, and Jean-Jacques Milteau. Milteau usually does modern blues so this was a treat. ALSO!! Tony Dekker from Great Lake Swimmers was telling us why we should all get harmonica's :) well..not really..just more along the lines of how its such a universal instrument and its so easy to play and we should all learn to play one! You can hear him for yourself for free! on NPR's itunes podcast..soo-pear cool. As a must and as we do everyshow, we heard some phenomenal blues players; some more classic players as Hooker, Wells, Cotton, McDowell, and Wolf mixed in with more modern players like Kashmar, Piazza, Harman, and Rick Estrin. Hope y'all enjoyed the show! I sure did...

Keep Harpin' Dj Kamakazzi
p.s. I'm not gonna be here next week so Jake Bacon from Buffalo Bayou is takin' over my shift, he'll do a great job and I hope you call in for some requests!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playlist for 8/16/09

Patrick Wolf - The Messenger - The Bachelor
These United States - The Important Thing - Everything Touches Everything
Time Twisters - Brooklyn Stomp
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Feeling Of Love - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
The Mojo Men - She's My Baby - Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychadelic Era Vol. 3
Frank Zappa - Flakes - Sheik Yerbouti

Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers - Traipsing Through The Aisles - The Confiscation: A Musical Novella by Samantha Crain
Dan Sandman - In Loving Memory - In Technicolor
Rum Tum Tiddles - Blame It On The Alphabet - Rum Tum Tiddles
The Android Angel's - Hey! - Bless

Harmonica Kahn #1 - Baby What You Want Me To Do - Chicago Blues Harmonica Project
Lurrie Bell & Billy Branch - Help Me - Chicago Young Blues Generation
Jean-Jacques Milteau feat. Little Milton - Memphis

Toots Thielemans - Oceano - The Brasil Project
Brendan Power - My Lagan Love - New Irish Harmonica
Sian Alice Group - First Song: Angelina - Troubled, Shaken, Etc.

The Antlers - Wake - Hospice
AM/FM - All To Remember - The Sky Is The New Ground

The Ford Blues Band - Blues For MB - The Butterfield/Bloomfield Concert
Carlos Del Junco - Nine Below Zero - Blues Mongrel

Rod Piazza and The Mighy Flyers - Big Blues Party - Keepin' It Real
Carey Bell - Big Walter Strut (Instrumental) - Mellow Down Easy
Mark Hummel - So Darn Cute - Feel Like Rockin'
Kim Wilson - Boogie All Night - Tigerman

Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods - Red Cross Store - Mama Says I'm Crazy
James Cotton - Black Nights - Mighty Long Time
Mitch Kashmar - Dead Presidents - Wake UP & Worry
Rick Estrin And The Night Cats - I'm Takin' Out My Outlaws - Twisted

Waters, Winter, Cotton - Dealin' With The Devil - Breakin' It Up, Breakin' It Down

Chitlin' Con Carne - Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man Blues

Today's show featured the diverse uses of the harmonica from multi-instrumental composers Patrick Wolf and Frank Zappa. Wolf plays the glass harmonica in his song The Messenger, utilizing its fragile, bell like sound, and Zappa hyperbolizes Dylan's harmonica playing accompanied by ironic banter between him and a pseudo Dylan. We also heard some more ambient tunes with haunting harmonica bits, adding an element of eerie relaxation..weird. There were a few jam songs thrown in the set and I'm looking for a few more to add to next week as well as some more punk stuff from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Classic blues also played an important part in today's playlist as usual :) and i plan on getting some Son House and other delta greats for next time.

Keep Harpin' Dj Kamakazzi

Monday, August 10, 2009

Playlist For 8/10/09

Sxip Shirey - Moon In Her Belly - From The Movie Love
Loli Battle Machine - Eskimo Island Blues - Bowel Movement
Apollo Four Forty - The Man With The Harmonica - Morricone RMX
Air - The Vagabond - 10,000 Hz

Sigur Ros - Hjarto Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm)- Agaetis Byrjun
Apostle Of Hustle - Song For Lorca - Folkloric Feel

War On Drugs - Needle In Your Eye #16 - Wagonwheel Blues
West Indian Girl - Trip - West Indian Girl
Paper Route - American Clouds - Are We All Forgotten
Chin Up Chin Up - Mansioned - This Harness Can't Ride Anything

Lykke Li - Everybody But Me - Youth Novels
The Low Anthem - Charlie Darwin - Oh My God Charlie Darwin

Two Gallants - The Prodigal Son - What The Toll Tells
Ethan Miller and Kate Boveman - Tree Of Life - If All The Land Would Rise

The Tell-Tale Hearts - Promise - A Matter Of Time: The Best Of Ray Brandes
Jason Ricci & New Blood - The Blow Zone Layer - Rocket Number 9
Little Arthur Duncan - Gone To Mainstreet - More Rare Gems
Rick Estrin And The Nightcats - Take It Slow - Twisted
James Cotton - Cotton Jump Boogie - Fire Down Under The Hill
Big Walter Horton & Carey Bell - Christine - Big Walter Horton w/ Carey Bell

Rod Piazza - Snap Crackle Hop - ThrillVille
Lurie Bell and Billy Branch - Just A Little Bit - Chicago's Young Blues Generation
Carey Bell - I'm Ready - And This Is Maxwell Street/Vol 2
Lynwood Slim - Across The Sea - Last Call

Mitch Kashmar - Black Dog Blues - Wake Up and Worry
The James Harman Band - Lock Doctor - Black and White
Kim Wilson - I've Been Searchin' - That's Life
Lurrie Bell & Billy Branch - I Need You So Bad - Chicago's Young Blues Generation

John Lee Hooker - She's Gone - The Cream [Disk One]
Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods - Going Down The River - Mama Says I'm Crazy
Howlin' Wolf - Forty Four - His Best: Chess 50th Anniversary Collection

Mark Hummel - City Livin' - Feel Like Rockin'

First of all, I would like to apologize for the irrelevant, annoying, and pointless conversations I had at the beginning of today's show and for not sticking to what I do best, giving you harmonica music. I'm sorry if I have changed your image of me or the show and I hope this does not dissuade you from listening in the future, I promise this nonsense won't happen again. My purpose is not to detract attention from the music with tedious remarks, and I apologize if you experienced that in today's show, I am to blame. That aside, we heard another one of horror-harmonicist Sxip Shirey (I mean this in the most creative, innovative, and unique way possible)that showed us harmonica's dark side, which was freaking mind-blowing. The Vagabond by Air is a classic and I wish they incorporated harmonica into more of their songs, they have such a unique sound and it fits perfectly with what they're trying to accomplish. I was super stoked when I found out Sigur Ros had harmonica! I have such a new respect for that band... We had an ambient/psychedelic/indie set with War On Drugs, West Indian Girl, and Chin Up Chin Up which harmonica was taken out of its blues roots and seamlessly blended with afore mentioned genres. Surprisingly, Urban Outfitters-endorsed Lykke Li had some blues harmonica sprinkled in the background of Everybody But Me, it definitely made the song more robust. I had a couple first-timers today with Rick Estrin and Lynwood Slim but we will definitely be hearing more rockin' harp playing from them in the future! I hope y'all enjoyed the show despite the unnecessary distractions, and will send me any blues or indie or whatever harmonica songs you've found or created and would like to hear on air!

Keep Harpin', Dj Kamakazzi

Monday, August 3, 2009

Playlist For 8/3/09

Sxip Shirey - Excerpt from a Young Man Walks In Brooklyn
Philharmonics - Cover of Powerhouse
The Seatbelts - Spokey Dokey - Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack
Gus & Davie - Cover Of Psychotic Reaction
Spiral 25 - Today's Future (Tomorrow's Past) - Spiral 25 EP

Son Of Dave - I Just Wanna Get High With You - O3
The Kills - Wait - Keep On Your Mean Side
Prominent Man (Demo) - The Velvet Underground - Peel Slowly and See
The Joy Strings - Little Town Of Bethelhem

Belle & Sebastian - Nothing In The Silence - The BBC Sessions
Iron & Wine - House By The Sea - The Shepard's Dog
Calexico - Absent Afternoon
City And Colour - Body In A Box - Bring Me Your Love
Chin Up Chin Up - Trophies For Hire - This Harness Can't Ride Anything
Time Twisters - Brighton Beat

Jason Collett - No Redemption Song - Here's To Being Here
Paleface - Pondering The Night Sky - The Show Is On The Road
Jason Collett - Waiting For The World - Here's To Being Here
Bishop Allen - Same Fire

Roy Richards - Honky Panky
Time Twisters - Theme From Time Twisters
Big Youth - Some Like It Dread
Randy Singer - Jamaica Jam (Rasta Mix) - Harmonica Dreams

Big Walter Horton w/ Carey Bell - Trouble In Mind - Big Walter Horton w/
Carey Bell
Big D - Well You Know - More Rare Gems
Rod Piazza - I Had My Fun - Vintage Live 1975
Billy Branch - Flamin' Mamie - The Blues Keep Following Me Around

Moreland & Arbuckle - Don't Wake Me
James Cotton - The Creeper

Howlin' Wolf - Evil - His Best Chess 50th Anniversary
Kim Wilson - Blues Leave Me Alone - Thats Life
Mark Hummel - Nickels & Dimes - Feel Like Rockin'
Jean Jacques Milteau - Royal Shuffel - Memphis
George Smith - Early On Morning

Sugar Blue - One More Mile To Go - Blue Blazes (Station Copy)

This show saw some pretty epic harmonica tunes ranging from mutant harmonica player and mad musical scientist Sxip Shirey to some reggae-blues fusion from Randy Singer. Not to mention the super sleek harp playing of The Seatbelts on Spokey Dokey, thanks for that one Johnny :) We also heard one of Velvet Underground's rare songs with harmonica...they really should have incorporated it more; Lou Reed needs no better accompaniement than a gritty harmonica. I finally got that 9 minute James Cotton song I've been dying to play on the show, if you haven't heard The Creeper...go look it up on youtube..this fact.. here it is.. minutes of sweaty, mind-blowing, psychotic note-bending goodness. Through my long hours of research attempting to find suitable punk harmonica, I found the song that changed Jason Ricci's life and converted him to blues music at a young age..Trouble In Mind by Big Walter Horton and Carey Bell..some pretty emotional stuff. As you have heard before (or if you haven't go check him out on myspace), he blends styles of blues, punk, garage, and hard rock into all of his songs...super sick and original. If you're just getting started on harmonica, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my other blog of Holy Grail URL's..they will help you tremendously. Or if you're down with doin' you're own searching thats legit too :)

Keep Harpin' - Dj Kamakazzi